Right now there is only one story being told, one in which you and I participate together in something far greater than the sum of its parts. It goes something like this:


I call it "One-Many-One" - this stunning journey of becoming into which we're thrust and invited to discover in every phase of life. It's our journey of unfolding, of learning who we are and then folding back into Union as we embody and live out our True Selves. Paradoxically, the musical score to this story hides inside the cacophany of technology, ego, culture, politics, religion and all the things which - in their helpfulness to us - obfuscate, confuse and misdirect until we learn an entirely different kind of seeing. And so, as humanity seems ever in need of humble, transformational wisdom, I offer this space as a place to breathe fresh air and rediscover what it was like when all of life was yes.

Welcome. I'm Sven - a lifelong student of science, theology, philosophy and all things sooper-dooper nerdified. I started this project in January of 2020 after falling victim to that beautiful consequence of spiritual practice: caring deeply for others. It's a space in which we will explore what it means to be human in a humble, holistic manner and leave nothing at the door. All knowledge, all wisdom and all ways of being are welcomed and probed for that perennial tradition that weaves through every race, culture and tradition; and we'll bring with us the latest and best wisdom contemporary understanding has to offer as we seek to become people who embody compassion, peace and restorative justice.

Join me.