What is "Psychospiritual"?


I figure, given the nature of this blog, that I should probably start by addressing at least one key term that will feature in this space for some time. Language is, after all, the vehicle by which we exchange ideas and often the way we talk about a thing is as important as the thing itself. Not only that, but the subject of spiritual growth and transformation is fraught with interpretive landmines that need to be handled with as much clarity as care, and so this post is about establishing clarity in the context of care.

The term is "psychospiritual", which is basically a contracted form of "bio-psycho-social-spiritual" or any other label we could attach to terms like "health" or "wellbeing". This hyphenation model is a somewhat cumbersome-but-practical way mental health professionals talk about the various areas of human experience. We do, after all, need a way to talk about a person's social wellbeing vs. their physical health and how the two might impact their movement through life. But let's not get overly technical; the bottom line is that "psychospiritual" is intended to be a holistic term that addresses how our emotional, cognitive and spiritual wellbeing rolls up into a sense of who we are in the context of our world and worldview. It's a complex term that touches on nearly every area of psychotherapeutic practice as it talks about how our overall wellbeing affects our relationship to the ultimate questions of life. At its most fundamental, your psychospiritual wellbeing is about how your answer to the question "Who am I?" comes out with every breath.

In future posts I will be talking a lot about psychospiritual health, and all the things that can help us work through the challenges of personal transformation as we move toward an embodied expression of our True Selves. I strongly believe that people who navigate this territory well become agents of change, driven by love, who are no longer able to passively participate in power structures that hurt other people or the environment. Whether it's political, cultural or [as in my case] ideological, personal transformation is at the heart of every movement; and so if this blog is an act of love for you then consider "psychospiritual" your first gift. A gift designed as much to give you language for understanding as well as entice you to dig deeper into a body of wisdom that - in my experience - yields disproportionate reward for the effort.

It is among the best of myself that I can give to remind you that you're loved, and that this crazy and difficult journey of life is as comprehensible as it is beautiful and mysterious.