All Things New


I have my sister to thank for this project. I say this only slightly chagrined as it was she, who, having arrived all the way from Australia to spend Christmas with family, said in her typically sage-like way that it's time I started writing. "But..." I protested. "There's so many other voices saying the same thing. What could I possibly contribute that isn't already said by those more wise than myself?"
"Yourself", she said with a look that was half way between kindness and mic-drop. Of course, my inner therapist had already beaten her to the punch and so there was no denying she was right.

So far, the idea is simple: I'm passionate about spiritual care, about growth, development and healing and it's time I put this obsession to good use to see if there aren't people out there crazy enough to come along. Therefore, this blog is as much outlet for me as it is an act of love for you - which somehow seems totally natural.

Anyway, as with all projects there's bound to be a "dialing in" period as I work out technology kinks, figure out tone, style, audience and all that. My writing tends to be academic (which I love!), but this has limitations. Of course, I'm most looking forward to where this endeavour will take me since, as an Enneagram 5, I love to research and so the discipline of regular writing will force me to pursue avenues of study thus far unexplored. Admittedly, I don't know how all of this lands on you, dear reader, but at least I'm excited and I look forward to hearing your feedback and exploring all-the-things as we learn, heal and grow together.